SCoWR briefing for House of Lords on Welfare Reform Bill 2011

In September 2011, SCoWR issued a Welfare Reform Bill 2011 briefing for the House of Lords. It draws on the SCoWR manifesto to set out five key principles for welfare reform agreed by our diverse membership. It calls on the House of Lords to ensure these principles underpin debate and decisions on the Welfare Reform Bill.SCoWR is concerned that current debate on Welfare Reform reinforces unfounded myths that welfare is so generous that claimants are choosing not to work, and so lax that benefit fraud is a major problem. Debate ignores the fact that benefit rates remain below the poverty line, and fraud accounts for less than a penny in every £1 paid.

We believe investing in welfare and insuring against the risks of ill health, disability and unemployment require upfront investment, but would pay a massive return, slashing the cost poverty imposes, removing barriers to employment, enhancing the lives of our most vulnerable citizens and boosting the security of us all.