Single Outcome Agreements 2009: An analysis by members of the Campaign to End Child Poverty in Scotland

This report outlines the findings of an analysis by leading members of the Campaign to End Child Poverty in Scotland to identify the extent to which efforts to reduce child poverty were addressed in Single Outcome Agreements (SOAs) 2009.

The key findings were:

  • There was a lack of priority for tackling child poverty across SOAs. Half of SOAs mention child poverty directly but only four SOAs explicitly stated that tackling child poverty is a priority and only two SOAs set a local outcome to reduce child poverty.
  • Explicit indicators for measuring progress in reducing child poverty lack ambition and urgency. No SOA has set an outcome or indicator to end or significantly reduce child poverty. It remains unclear if local progress can be measured at a national level based on the current set of indicators used.
  • All SOAs discuss poverty and deprivation, yet it was difficult to identify strategic approaches to tackling child poverty (and poverty more generally) in SOAs. Only one SOA refers to developing a child poverty strategy.
  • There is a lack of clarity regarding what policy areas are seen as contributing to reducing child poverty across SOAs which makes it difficult to draw overall conclusions on the extent to which child poverty is addressed in SOAs.
  • SOAs, while of key importance, must be considered alongside other measures of progress in reducing child poverty at local and national level.