The Spending Review 2010: Ending child poverty and securing a stable economy

September 2010

This is CPAG’s submission to the Treasury in the run-up to the Spending Review 2010. In it we review the progress on child poverty since 1998 and outline a legislative framework which requires the Government to meet the targets in the Child Poverty Act and the Equality Act. We outline the Coalition Government’s policy commitments, including eradicating child poverty by 2020, increasing social mobility, and making society more ‘family-friendly'.

Drawing on an analysis of the June Budget by the Institute for Fiscal Studies our submission argues that the 80/20 combination of cuts as against tax increases will have the greatest impact on the poorer groups and risks increasing child poverty.

We conclude with a range of specific recommendations for the Chancellor that draw upon our manifesto Ending Child Poverty: a Manifesto for Success and include:

  • Make work pay
  • Mend the safety net
  • Fair public services for those who need them the most
  • Tackle inequality.