Tribunal rules


This one-day course is aimed at advisers assisting claimants with appeals. It will provide an overview of the rules governing the First-tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal.

The course covers:

  • Making appeals and late appeals
  • The importance of the ‘overriding objective’
  • Tribunal powers: time limits, strike-outs, evidence, witnesses
  • Hearings
  • Applying for directions
  • Procedure once an appeal is made
  • Challenging tribunal decisions in the Upper Tribunal

Throughout the course the focus is on how the rules and procedures can be used to ensure that cases are well prepared and presented, so that claimants have the best possible chance of a fair hearing and a just result.

The course covers the procedure for challenging decisions in the Upper Tribunal. The judicial review function of the Upper Tribunal is not covered on this course. Please see Judicial review. Advisers may also be interested in the Appeals at the Upper Tribunal course.