UC for people with ill health and disabilities

With every local authority area in Scotland expected to move to universal credit (UC) full service over 2017 and 2018, many more people with ill health and disabilities will be claiming UC for the first time. Even in live service, a change of circumstances can mean a switch to UC.

This half-day course looks at who will be affected first and the impact of failing a work capability assessment. It looks at work-related conditions and using flexibilities, and how awards are affected by a move into work. Experienced advisers will have an opportunity to think through how best to advise clients in the transition to UC.

The course covers:

  • Failing a work capability assessment – consequences for UC and tactics
  • Claimant commitment before and after the work capability assessment
  • How work affects the UC award
  • Impact of changes of circumstances
  • Issues with claiming and being paid UC
  • Claiming new-style contributory employment and support allowance