London Borough of Brent provides a 'discretionary support scheme' called Local Welfare Assistance (LWA), which provides crisis payments and community payments. The LWA page states that: 

Crisis payments are awarded to cover short-term needs which prevent serious risk to the health and safety of a person or their family. 

Community payments are primarily intended to help vulnerable people live as independent a life as possible in the community. 

How to apply

The LWA Scheme document states that

11.1 LWA applications must be made either on-line or by telephone. Where the applicant is unable to use either of these methods applications can be made in a designated Brent Council office with the assistance of a Brent Officer.

The online application process is provided by Northgate. 


Payment may be made using either pre-paid debit card, the provision of furniture or appliances, or such other means as may be appropriate to the award.  Pre-paid cards are restricted to ensure that they are only used for the items or services for which the award is made.

Historical information

You can download documents that were provided to CPAG in 2014, when the scheme was called 'Discretionary Support Payments' and which are now of historical interest only, from the links on the right hand side of this page.