Central Bedfordshire

The local welfare assistance scheme for Central Bedfordshire is called the Local Welfare Provision Payment Scheme. There are two types of award: Emergency Provision and Grant Provision. For more information see the Central Bedfordshire Council website.

Emergency Provision

This consists of small payments following an emergency or crisis to meet the immediate day to day living expenses for things such as food and utilities.

Grant Provision 

This consists of goods and services to help vulnerable people to live as independently as possible in the community following, for example, resettlement following a period in care, prison or other institution, or to ease exceptional pressures on families following a breakdown of relationship, disaster, etc.

How to apply

Emergency provision - apply by telephone only. The phone number and opening hours are on the website. There is no facility to see applicants in person.

Grant provision - phone for an application form. The phone number and opening hours are on the website