The local welfare assistance scheme for Enfield is called the Emergency Support Scheme.

It can provide:

  • Emergency Payments or 
  • Local Assistance Grants

The scheme page states that awards can be by way of 

  • Vouchers for a local supermarket for specific items, or
  • Referral to a local furniture supplier for white goods and furniture, or
  • Cash in very limited circumstances
How to apply

You can apply online. The Administration of the Enfield Emergency Support Scheme document, which you can download via the link on the right of this page, states that:

If [customers] require help they can ask for assistance from the Citizens Advice Bureau. ... There may be occasions when an application is taken over the phone if for example a customer is unable to leave their home. 


The Administration of the Enfield Emergency Support Scheme document includes details of how, if you are refused a payment, "wherever possible the team will try to signpost you to another organisation that might be able to assist." The Council told CPAG in July 2015 that:

As the scheme is a discretionary one, there is no formal appeal process, but as with any other issue we would always reconsider our decision if a customer requested we do so, particularly if new information is provided. The council does also have a complaints process.

Pre-2015 scheme

You can also download the previous scheme documents that were provided to CPAG in 2014 from the links on the right hand side of this page.