The local welfare assistance scheme for Shropshire is called the Local Support and Prevention Fund. The scheme can pay awards to people who need immediate support and/or to people who need assistance to establish or maintain a home in the community.

Examples of when you can get an award of immediate financial assistance include if you:

  • Have no essential food
  • Need essential goods for children
  • Have no heating
  • Require help with emergency travel costs
  • Have suffered a major upheaval or disaster 
  • Require suitable clothing for job interviews or work
  • Require help towards essential medical related costs (where not provided by the NHS or another body)
  • Require assistance to cover living expenses until first payment of benefit or salary

Examples of when you can get assistance to establish or maintain a new home in the community include if you:

  • Have been in long term care
  • Have left prison
  • Have fled domestic violence
  • Move to supported accommodation/independent living
  • Need essential repairs to heating systems or modes of travel

For more details about the two types of payment see the Shropshire Council website.

How to apply
Apply by downloading and printing out the application form. If you need help with this contact the Welfare Reform and Support Team, whose phone number, address and email address are on the website and on page 1 of the Application Form