Discretionary Assistance Fund in Wales

The local welfare assistance scheme in Wales is a single, national scheme for the whole country and is called the Discretionary Assistance Fund. The Fund provides grants, not loans: they do not have to be paid back. Here you will find information in English that sets out who can apply, how to apply and the two kinds of grants available:

  • Individual Assistance Payments
  • Emergency Assistance Payments 

The same details in Welsh are at Cronfa Cymorth Dewisol Cymru

For more information, including how to apply, see money made clear.

Guidance for Decision Makers

The linked document on the right is the Welsh Government's Discretionary Assistance Fund Guidance for Decision Makers (Version 2, published February 2015), which covers the following:

  1. Background to the Discretionary Assistance Fund
  2. Who is eligible?
  3. Qualifying conditions
  4. Assessing priority
  5. The budget
  6. The decision making process
  7. Excluded Needs 

The Guidance also gives useful examples of when an applicant might or might not get a grant.