Local welfare assistance schemes

Your local welfare assistance scheme (LWAS) can help you if you are in urgent need following an emergency or unforeseen event and have no other source of help. The schemes are run by local councils and they vary. You may be able to get vouchers to pay for food, fuel or clothing or bigger basic living items such as beds, cookers and fridges. You can’t usually get cash.

Note: CPAG cannot give advice to members of the public and does not process applications for LWAS payments. Advisers can contact our advice line.

This content was last updated in June 2017.

How to find your local welfare assistance scheme

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Postcode search (England and Scotland only)

To find your local welfare assistance scheme in England or Scotland:

  • type your postcode in full into the Search box below
  • click the Search button (not Enter/Return on your keyboard)

and then follow the links. Or, if you know which English or Scottish council area you live in, look it up in our A to Z list of councils. (You can download a map of council areas in Britain from the link on the right hand side of this page.)

Please enter postcode in the correct format including space e.g. SW19 7AF then click on Search

Local welfare schemes A-Z list

You can also find details of local welfare assistance schemes by looking up the appropriate council on this list