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    December 18, 2015

    17th December 2015

    Responding today to today’s Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission report , Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action group Alison Garnham said:

    “The Commission is right to call for action to boost maternal employment and to raise the minimum wage so fewer people earn less than two thirds of median hourly pay but we need to be clear that cuts in benefits are the key driver of increased child poverty in the UK today.

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    December 17, 2015

    Responding to the DWP’s own evaluation of the bedroom tax, published today, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group Alison Garnham, said:

     “The DWP’s own evaluation finds that the ‘bedroom tax’ is not only pushing families into hardship but it’s also failing to free up more accommodation for families, the key argument ministers used to justify this controversial policy. This is a long and deep look at a hugely controversial policy – it really should not have been released just as MPs rise for Christmas.


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    November 25, 2015

    Responding to the Autumn Statement today, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group Alison Garnham said:


    “The Chancellor’s half-solved the problem he created in the Summer Budget of how we help the low paid. His decision to drop the latest tax credit cuts is very welcome and will be a huge relief to hard-up working families but, as the Treasury’s own costings reveal, the significant cuts to universal credit mean that in reality this is only a stay of execution.


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  • Reaction to tax credits Lords vote

    October 27, 2015

    In response to the House of Lords votes on tax credits, Imran Hussain, Director of Policy at Child Poverty Action Group, said:

    "The Government lost the votes in the Lords tonight but, more fundamentally, it's lost the big argument on its cuts for tax credits.

    "We hope ministers take a deep breath and admit that these cuts will pull the rug from under the feet of working families. Ministers should now bring forward new measures to help working families; investing in tax credits not cutting them.

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  • Nursery Nurses, Security Guards, Hairdressers –New Research Reveals Scale of Workers’ Losses In Tax Credit Cuts

    October 26, 2015

    As the House of Lords prepares to vote on tax credit cuts (on Monday 26th October), new analysis published today by Child Poverty Action Group reveals the extent to which workers in different jobs could lose out as a direct result of the controversial, proposed cuts. Nursery nurses, security guards, bank clerks and hospital porters are among those who would take heavy losses, the research shows.

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  • CPAG's response to David Cameron's speech

    October 7, 2015

    Responding today to the Prime Minister’s Conservative Conference speech today, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group Alison Garnham said:

    “The Prime Minister is absolutely right to recognise that ending UK poverty would be a tremendous social reform and he deserves huge credit for putting poverty, social mobility and equality at the heart of his speech.

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  • Parents struggling to meet no-frills family costs as crisis in family finances looms

    August 12, 2015

    Parents working on the minimum wage are on the brink of a new crisis in family finances that will leave many stranded when it comes to meeting no-frills family costs, warns a new report produced by Loughborough University’s Donald Hirsch for Child Poverty Action Group.

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  • London’s poorest hit by cuts to council tax support

    July 30, 2015

      Two years on from the abolition of national council tax benefit, tens of thousands of low-income Londoners are still reeling in the face of local payment demands, a report from Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and Z2K reveals.

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  • Bedroom tax “saints” take fight to the Court of Appeal

    July 21, 2015

    Two grandparents and their severely disabled grandson hit by the bedroom tax won the right today to take their case to the Court of Appeal. The Court ruled that the Rutherford family, who appeared on the BBC documentary Saints and Scroungers, should have their appeal heard before the end of the year.

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