Proposed amendments to the Tribunal Procedure (First-tier Tribunal) (Social Entitlement Chamber) Rules 2008 - CPAG's response

May 2012

The Tribunal Procedure Committee is proposing to amend the first-tier tribunal rules to complement the proposed introduction of mandatory revisions before appeal. The new rules will require appeals to be submitted to the Tribunal Service rather than the benefit authorities, and will introduce a statutory time limit for the benefit authorities to respond to appeals.

Details of the consultation can be found on the Ministry of Justice website.

Experts warn massive reductions in UK child poverty may be reversed by Coalition

June 11, 2012

The child poverty approach pursued between 1998 and 2010 was broad-based, made a significant and long-lasting difference to families with children and reduced child poverty on a scale and at a pace unmatched by other industrial nations during the period.

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Experts warn massive reductions in UK child poverty may be reversed by Coalition

12 June 2012

Today we publish a landmark report to mark the half-way point to ending child poverty by 2020, a pledge to which all the main political parties have signed up.

The verdict?

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Ending Child Poverty by 2020: Progress made and lessons learned

December 2012

ECP by 2020 cover

In this landmark report, CPAG has brought together leading academics and campaigners to reflect on the progress made towards ending child poverty in the UK, as well as to consider the risks for the future.

Exhibitors at our annual conference

6 June 2012

We have several organisations exhibiting at our annual conference on 15 June 2012. They are:

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Confusing poverty with other Bad Things

31 May 2012

While it is true that poverty is often associated with a range of other Bad Things, from stressed out families to poor grades at school and that causation can work both ways, this does not mean that they are the exact same problems.

Read the full blog post by Rys Farthing, Senior Policy & Research Officer, at Liberal Democrat Voice.

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Rethinking Child Poverty - our response

29 May 2012

Today we had a taste of the debate we’re going to hear more about in the coming weeks – whether the Coalition government should move the goalposts when it comes to measuring child poverty.

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Appeal Court win benefits disabled people and their children

15 May 2012

We have won a case in the Court of Appeal that proves that the housing benefit rules discriminated unlawfully against disabled people.

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Government loses disability benefit case in Appeal Court

May 15, 2012

In a unanimous ruling, the Court of Appeal has held that the size criteria in the housing benefit regulations discriminate against disabled people, because they do not allow for an additional room to be paid for where a disabled person has a carer, or where two children cannot share a room because of disability.

In his judgment, Mr Justice Henderson concludes:

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“Overhyped budget does nothing to stop Coalition hammering of Scotland’s families” say child poverty campaigners

March 21, 2012

Responding to today’s Budget the head of CPAG in Scotland, John Dickie, said;

“Scotland’s families, like those across the UK, are already being absolutely hammered by the Coalition’s tax and benefit policies. Those policies will push tens of thousands more children into poverty and there’s nothing in this budget to turn that around. Instead the Chancellor has announced the next spending review will cut another £10billion from the welfare budget, another £10billion ripped out of the pockets of our poorest households.

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