SCoWR letter to Scottish MPs ahead of return of Welfare Reform Bill to Commons

Following Lords scrutiny of the Welfare Reform Bill, the Bill returned to the Commons in Januray 2012. SCoWR wrote a letter to all Scottish MPs urging them to support the important amendments made to the Bill by the Lords. Whilst grateful to those Scottish MPs who did vote to uphold the amendments we were extremely disappointed by the Commons decision to reject them all.

Tax credits 'calamity' hammers 200,000 families

2 May 2012

Over 200,000 families will lose their entire working tax credit support, worth £3,870

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Mandatory consideration of revision before appeal - CPAG's response to the DWP's public consultation

April 2012

Clause 100 of the Welfare Reform Bill as introduced enables regulations to be made to require claimants who disagree with a decision to request consideration of revision before they may appeal against a decision. CPAG believes that the proposed implementation is a highly retrograde step which will adversely affect the interests of claimants.

Claiming ESA

Issue 207 (December 2008)

Martin Williams looks at the rules for claiming ESA.

Report shows families want child benefit protected

April 27, 2012

Child Poverty Action Group has today released a report called ‘Save Child Benefit’ linked to its Save Child benefit campaign, which gives the results of a survey showing what parents spend their child benefit on and how much they value it.

The top three main areas that parents of all social classes spend child benefit on are:

1. Clothes and shoes (51%)

2. Food (26%)

3. Education related (16%)

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Overhyped Budget does little for families

April 27, 2012

Key points from Budget 2012:

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Welfare Reform Bill 2009

Issue 208 (February 2009)

The Government published a Welfare Reform Bill on 14 January 2009. The Bill follows the Green Paper 'No one written off: reforming welfare to reward responsibility' published in July 2008 and a White Paper 'Raising expectations and increasing support: reforming welfare for the future' published in December 2008.  

Lone parents: the move from IS to JSA

Issue 208 (February 2009)

The Social Security (Lone Parents and Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2008 were laid on 23 November 2008. Its provisions are implemented at varying dates from 24 November 2008 through to 2011, in most cases. Beth Lakhani describes the main changes.

ESA claimants and housing benefit

Issue 208 (February 2009)

Judith Paterson looks at changes to housing benefit (HB) and council tax benefit (CTB) applicable amounts for employment and support allowance (ESA) claimants and considers some better-off issues.