Do you advise claimants from abroad - both European and non-European nationals?

24 October 2018

Do you provide benefit advice to European nationals? Are you getting enquiries about how benefit entitlements will be affected by Brexit?

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Universal credit and free school meals

Issue 266 (October 2018)

Mark Willis reviews how universal credit (UC) can give entitlement to free school meals.

Pension credit: amounts for children

Issue 266 (October 2018)

From next February, amounts for children can be included in pension credit where relevant rules are satisfied, as described here by Simon Osborne.

PIP guidance round-up

Issue 266 (October 2018)

Ed Pybus summarises recent official guidance concerning personal independence payment (PIP) in the light of recent caselaw and DWP announcements about PIP reviews for severe health conditions.

Bereavement and children: unequal no more?

Issue 266 (October 2018)

Carla Clarke looks at a recent Supreme Court decision regarding bereavement benefits and the children of unmarried parents.

Child Poverty in London: borough briefings

October 2018

This autumn we've been running a series of events for councillors in London from all three main parties, to raise awareness of child poverty in the captial (which is now at 37%) and practical recommendations for how it can be addressed at a local level.


15 October 2018

Due to demand, we have just added another training course date for Universal Credit - full service.

The roll out of Universal Credit (UC) full service is due to be completed by the end of this year; West Dumbartonshire on 28 November and Castlemilk, Drumchapel and Shettleston on 5 December.

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Universal credit: who gains, who loses, and how does transitional protection really work?

There is a lot of discussion in the media this week about the immediate and long-term impact of Universal Credit (UC), whether people will be better or worse off, and whether the ‘losers’ will have their incomes protected when they first move over to UC. This blog seeks to clarify the story.

Job vacancy: Judicial Review Project Worker

9 October 2018

We're recruiting a Judicial Review Project Worker to join our legal team. More details.

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