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Published three times a year, Poverty journal carries articles and features to inform, stimulate and develop debate about the nature and causes of poverty. Each issue includes three in-depth features, reviews of latest poverty research, analysis of child poverty statistics, and views from practitioners and young people themselves.

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Please note the views expressed in articles are not necessarily those of CPAG. We welcome articles and other contributions from our readers – if you are interested, please contact the editor at jtucker@cpag.org.uk.

  • Child poverty and party politics: what hopes of a consensus?

    Issue 128 (Autumn 2007)

    All the main parties agree that child poverty must be eradicated. But recent reports reveal a lack of common ground on the right level of state intervention. Lisa Harker analyses the different political approaches.

  • Poverty and 'place': does locality make a difference?

    Issue 128 (Autumn 2007)

    It’s easy to view poverty as an all-encompassing and uniform experience. However, the reality of poverty varies from place to place. Carol-Ann Hooper, Sarah Gorin, Christie Cabral and Claire Dyson present new research that highlights the impact that community context has upon families living in poverty.

  • How Child Poverty Action Group came into being

    Issue 113 (autumn 2002)

    In the decade preceding the birth of CPAG a number of studies appeared in the fields of sociology and socio-medical research which contained information about poverty among old people, widows and lone mothers, and about malnutrition. Analysis of national assistance benefit levels showed that they were not matching increases in general affluence.

  • Obituary of Harriett C Wilson

    Issue 113 (autumn 2002)

    Dr Harriett C Wilson, the founder of CPAG, died on 14 July 2002 at the age of 85 after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for many years. She organised the meeting to campaign against family poverty and set up a pressure group, on 5 March 1965, from which it grew.