Guest blogs: child poverty and the independence referendum

9 September 2014

The independence referendum is now less than 10 days away and ending child poverty, the future of social security and wider issues of social justice are increasingly central to campaign debates. CPAG has asked leading members of the Better Together and Yes campaigns to write guest blogs outlining why a Yes or No vote is in the best interest of ending child poverty in Scotland.

You can read more of their arguments in Poverty in Scotland 2014: the independence referendum and beyond, which also includes expert analysis of the poverty and inequality that forms the backdrop to the vote and a range of international perspectives on how other regions and nations have sought to tackle poverty within various constitutional settlements and demands for further autonomy.

Read Cailean Gallagher's blog outlining the case for the Yes campaign: 'Yes is in the best interests of the fight against child poverty'.


Read Jim Gallagher's blog outlining the case for the Better Together campaign: 'Don’t make mistake of thinking independence vote is yes or no to social justice'.