Rights membership

Rights membership now has even more benefits than before! As a Rights member of CPAG you'll receive...

  • A free Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook (normal price £61 for the 2016/17 edition)*
  • A year's free subscription to the Welfare Rights Bulletin (normal price £40)
  • 5 per cent discount on our public training courses**
  • 15% off on all CPAG publication titles
  • Poverty journal 
  • News from CPAG e-newsletter every month.

Rights membership costs just £71 per year. You can join as an individual or an organisation.

To access the discounts, quote your membership number when you place an order/book a course***. The number is on all correspondence we send you - please keep a note of it handy!


Want to renew an existing membership? Please use the renewal form we send you rather than the form on this page. If you have any queries about renewal please contact membership@cpag.org.uk.

AGM and elections

As a CPAG member you can attend and vote at the AGM, vote in the elections for the board of trustees and stand for election yourself.

Need to talk?

If you want to talk to someone about joining CPAG as a Rights Member then please give Angela a call on 020 7812 5202.

* We'll send you the current Handbook when you join for the first time, and replace it with the new edition the following April. Existing members (assuming you renew your membership annually) will continue to receive the new edition in April of each subsequent year.

** The discount applies to our public courses with dates advertised on our website, not 'in-house' courses held at your own premises.

*** Membership discounts will only be applied if membership number is quoted at the point of order/purchase. Membership discount cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other discount.

Please note: membership of CPAG does not confer any endorsement of your organisation, products or services and the CPAG logo cannot be used in any publicity or marketing materials without express permission of CPAG.