Which benefits are eligible for STBAs?

Short-term benefit advances (STBAs) are not distinct benefits. They are an early payment of a benefit that you have normally already claimed.1 You can only get STBAs on the following benefits (but note that you may be able to get a very similar type of payment, known as an 'interim payment', in the case of child benefit or guardian’s allowance or housing benefit).

Benefits eligible for STBAs - means-tested:
Benefits eligible for STBAs - not means-tested:
  • bereavement benefits
  • carer’s allowance
  • employment and support allowance (contributory)
  • incapacity benefit 
  • industrial injuries benefit 
  • jobseeker's allowance (contribution-based)
  • maternity allowance
  • state retirement pension

If DWP refuses your request for a STBA on any of the above benefits, refer them to  regulation 3(1) Payments on Account Regs2

Benefits not eligible for STBAs - means-tested:
  • child tax credit
  • working tax credit
  • housing benefit (but 'interim payments' may be available - see below)
Benefits not eligible for STBAs - non-means-tested:
  • attendance allowance, disability living allowance, personal independence payment
  • statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, statutory paternity pay, statutory adoption pay
Benefits eligible for interim payments

You can't get STBAs on the following benefits but you may be able to get a very similar type of payment, known as an 'interim payment'. See our Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook 2015/16 at the pages listed below for details:

  • child benefit (see Handbook page 1194)
  • guardian’s allowance (see Handbook page 1194)
  • housing benefit (see Handbook page 82)
Alternatives to STBAs

If you are not claiming a benefit on which you can get a STBA (or universal credit budgeting advance or housing benefit interim payment) you may have to turn to your local welfare assistance scheme for help while you wait for your benefit payment. Or you may have to resort to some other form of emergency provision: for suggestions see our blog under the heading, Short-term benefit advances and other emergency provision.