Welfare Rights Bulletin articles

The Welfare Rights Bulletin is CPAG's journal of welfare benefits and tax credits law and practice. It is also an updating service for our Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook.

Published six times a year, it is sent to all CPAG Rights members as part of the membership package. It is also available on annual subscription.

This page contains a selection of articles from the magazine. Other regular features include: Handbook update; legal section with reports of court cases, Upper Tribunal decisions and new regulations; welfare rights news; reader Q&A.

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  • Restrictions to benefit: ‘pre-settled status’

    Issue 270 (June 2019)

    CPAG is looking to challenge the amended right to reside tests for benefit and child tax credit claimants with ‘pre-settled status’. Martin Williams explains.

  • UC, childcare and controversy

    Issue 270 (June 2019)

    Dan Norris reports on some strongly worded comment from the Work and Pensions Committee.

  • Funeral support payments in Scotland

    Issue 270 (June 2019)

    Alison Gillies describes a planned new Scottish benefit.

  • Universal credit in hospital

    Issue 270 (June 2019)

    Kirsty McKechnie describes some problems and possible solutions for claiming and maintaining universal credit (UC) in hospital.

  • Mixed-age from May

    Issue 270 (June 2019)

    Benefit rules for ‘mixed-age’ couples changed in May, as described here by Simon Osborne.

  • CPAG’s new Judicial Review Project

    Issue 269 (April 2019)

    Jessica Strode discusses how CPAG’s new project can help advisers use judicial review to challenge decisions.

  • Official errors: officially appealable

    Issue 269 (April 2019)

    Martin Williams considers what is needed to challenge a decision made in excess of 13 months ago that was wrong because of official error.

  • Brexit, benefits and right to reside

    Issue 269 (April 2019)

    Rebecca Walker sets out some key points on how Brexit affects who can satisfy the right to reside requirement for benefit entitlement.

  • The SDP gateway

    Issue 269 (April 2019)

    Owen Stevens looks at the so-called ‘SDP gateway’ and preventing new claims for universal credit by certain severely disabled claimants.

  • Social security and domestic abuse

    Issue 268 (February 2019)

    Kirsty McKechnie describes a report from CPAG’s Early Warning System with some urgent concerns regarding claimants who have been subject to domestic abuse.