Why the new figures on child poverty need to be heard across the country

We need your help. In two weeks’ time, the government will publish statistics for 2014/15 (the most up to date available) on how many children are growing up in poverty. We need to make sure as many people hear about this as possible.

While experts project that by 2020, as many as 50% more children could be in poverty, this new batch of statistics may or may not show much change from the last round, which found 3.7 million children are in poverty in the UK.

Advising foodbank clients - one year on


We started providing welfare rights advice to clients of the Tower Hamlets Foodbank as part of First Love Foundation’s Advice & Support project almost three years ago, thanks to help from the Pears Foundation. It’s now been a year since the project was scaled up with support from the Big Lottery Fund and I joined the team. 

Time to 'stick or twist' on wage subsidy


It’s undoubtedly good news that Stephen Crabb, the new Work & Pensions Secretary, insists that Universal Credit will be one of his main priorities. The key question, however, is will it be one of the Chancellor’s priorities?

What’s in a frame? The poverty sector’s search for convincing messages


At a recent event, I listened to a US campaigner describe how they fought and won the long battle for equal marriage.

At first, she said, they talked about rights for LGBTQ people – the right to participate in society in the same measure as their straight contemporaries – to marry, to be recognised as their loved one’s legal partner. These rights mattered to the community. But it turned out that talking about legal rights didn’t tug the public’s heart strings in the right direction.

Fancy working a 14 month year? The real impact of UC work allowance cuts


Anyone following the story of Universal Credit’s painfully delayed roll-out will already be familiar with its time-bending qualities, but this month’s cuts to its work allowances mean that many hard-pressed parents now need to work a thirteen- or fourteen-month year just to protect current income levels. 

Tribunal ruling on DLA entitlement for disabled refugee children


CPAG welcomes the Upper Tribunal decision on disabled refugee children who up to now, have not been entitled to disability living allowance (DLA) until they have spent over two years in the UK. On 17 March 2016, Judge Kate Markus QC found that the current past presence test unjustifiably discriminates against refugees and their family members and should therefore be dis-applied.

Win £50 to spend on CPAG's books and training


This week, we're delighted to launch our latest Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handook (2016/17). Known as the 'advisors' bible', it contains everything you needs to know about benefits and tax credits in the UK. It's quite simply indispensable for getting the best outcomes for clients.

The big warning in Unicef’s report on child wellbeing


This blog was originally published on Progress.

How many children will Universal Credit lift out of poverty?


Just days after Iain Duncan Smith resigned as Work & Pensions Secretary, citing his unease with the Summer Budget’s cuts to Universal Credit, today the Government has published a written answer in which it refuses to update its own assessment of how many children, if any, will be lifted out of poverty by the flagship policy following these cuts.

When will the key provisions of the Welfare Reform and Work Act come into force?


The Welfare Reform and Work Act received Royal Assent last weekNow it’s here, when do its key provisions come into force?