About CPAG in Scotland

CPAG in Scotland was established in 1999 and works to raise awareness of the devastating impact poverty has on children in Scotland; maximise families’ incomes by helping to ensure those eligible for benefits and tax credits receive their full entitlements; and campaign for positive policy changes to end that poverty.

We do this through providing advice, information and training on benefits and tax credits to organisations in Scotland. As well promoting solutions and working to bring about real improvements in the policies that impact on the lives of low income families through our campaign and policy work.

Our welfare rights projects offer specialist advice on:

We set up the Early Warning System to gather information and case studies about the impact of welfare reform on children and families across Scotland.

Our Cost of the School Day Project supports school to ensure that all children, regardless of their financial background, get the most out of the school day.

We coordinate the Scottish Social Security Consortium (in partnership with Citizens Advice Scotland), a network of policy, parliamentary and rights workers from national and voluntary sector organisations based in Scotland.

We continue to support local authorities and their partners across Scotland to develop Local Child Poverty Action Plans, including hosting the Glasgow Child Poverty Co-ordinator.

CPAG in Scotland gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Scottish Government towards our projects in Scotland.

You can follow us on Twitter @CPAGScotland