• New report: Why do people use foodbanks?

    19 November 2014

    Visiting a food bank should be a last resort; yet new research from CPAG, Oxfam, the Trussell Trust and the Church of England finds that failures in the safety net itself are a key reason why people are turning to food banks. This is the first in-depth study into the personal experiences of recipients of emergency food aid in the UK.

    While UK-wide policy is pushing up the use of food banks, interviews carried out in Scotland also highlight a role for the Scottish Government and local authorities in preventing income crisis. Read more.

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  • Updated factsheets on benefits for students

    11 November 2014

    We have updated five of our factsheets on different aspects of benefits for students in Scotland.

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  • The 17th edition of the Fuel Rights Handbook is OUT NOW

    10 November 2014

    Written for advisers and their clients striving to cope with fuel bills, debt and related problems with fuel supply, this handbook is the standard practical guide to the rights of gas and electricity consumers in England, Wales and Scotland.

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  • Latest tax credits and early years e-bulletin

    29 October 2014

    Read our latest e-bulletin which includes: new factsheets; extension of free early learning and childcare; tax credit overpayments: new COP26; Q&A: What’s the latest on universal credit for families with children in Scotland?; and more.

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  • NEW factsheets

    29 October 2014

    We have produced two new leaflets which are aimed at providing an overview of benefits and tax credits rules for vulnerable families in specific situations:

    - Financial help for families affected by imprisonment

    - Financial help for families fleeing domestic violence

    These factsheets are currently only available to download on our website.

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  • October enews

    15 October 2014

    Read the latest edition of our enews, a monthly round-up of our news and views which looks at: child poverty map shows shocking levels of hardship across Scotland; initial thoughts on devolution and Smith Commission; Cost of the School Day; Handbooks; and more.

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  • Child poverty map shows shocking levels of hardship across Scotland

    15 October 2014

    The Campaign to End Child Poverty has today published figures that provide a child poverty map of Scotland. The new statistics, released during Challenge Poverty Week in Scotland show levels of child poverty at local authority and ward level for MP’s constituencies.

    According to the new figures, one in three children in Glasgow live in poverty, while more than a quarter of children in five other local authorities are also growing up in poverty: Clackmannanshire (26%), Dundee (28%), East Ayrshire (26%), Inverclyde (26%) and North Ayrshire (27%).

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  • CPAG in Scotland: Initial thoughts on devolution

    13 October 2014

    Further devolution in Scotland should be underpinned by clear strategic objectives and principles. The merits of any settlement should be judged on the extent to which they provide a realistic opportunity to reduce child poverty and wider socio-economic inequality.

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  • Latest advising BME communities e-bulletin

    9 October 2014

    Read our latest e-bulletin which includes: reports; latest on welfare reforms; House of Commons briefing on residence rights; right to reside; and more.

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  • New training calendar

    6 October 2014

    Over the next 6 months we are running a wide range of training courses which include several new courses.

    Download a copy of our new October 2014 – March 2015 training calendar here.

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