Government loses disability benefit case in Appeal Court

May 15, 2012

In a unanimous ruling, the Court of Appeal has held that the size criteria in the housing benefit regulations discriminate against disabled people, because they do not allow for an additional room to be paid for where a disabled person has a carer, or where two children cannot share a room because of disability.

In his judgment, Mr Justice Henderson concludes:

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“Overhyped budget does nothing to stop Coalition hammering of Scotland’s families” say child poverty campaigners

March 21, 2012

Responding to today’s Budget the head of CPAG in Scotland, John Dickie, said;

“Scotland’s families, like those across the UK, are already being absolutely hammered by the Coalition’s tax and benefit policies. Those policies will push tens of thousands more children into poverty and there’s nothing in this budget to turn that around. Instead the Chancellor has announced the next spending review will cut another £10billion from the welfare budget, another £10billion ripped out of the pockets of our poorest households.

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‘Save child benefit’ demands CPAG in Scotland

March 7, 2012

New survey shows Scotland’s parents more likely to spend child benefit on clothes, food and nappies.

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Scotland's MPs urged to 'uphold six vital welfare amendments'

February 1, 2012

A coalition of over sixty of Scotland’s leading charities, unions and faith groups are today urging every Scottish MP to uphold what they describe as “six vital amendments” to the Welfare Reform Bill agreed by the House of Lords.

The Bill, as amended by the Lords in a series of defeats to the Government, returns to the Commons today (Wednesday 1st February).

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Inspecting the inspectors (2008)

Issue 204 (June 2008)

In the latest of an occasional series of articles on the decisions of social fund inspectors, David Simmons considers some recent cases about capital, repeat applications and budgeting loans.

The work capability assessment

Issue 204 (June 2008)

Simon Osborne describes the new test for Employment and Support Allowance of whether someone is too ill to work.

Advising BME communities e-bulletin: May 2012

15 May 2012

Read our May e-bulletin which looks at: child benefit for people coming from abroad; changes to tax credits rules; permanent right to reside cases, and more.

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Calculating ESA

Issue 205 (August 2008)

The amount of employment and support allowance (ESA) a claimant is entitled to depends upon a number of factors, including whether the claimant is: single or part of a couple; in receipt of certain benefits; entitled to income-related and/or contributory ESA; and/or still in the initial assessment phase. Edward Graham explains how much ESA a claimant may be entitled to.

Right to reside: workers and work-seekers

Issue 206 (October 2008)

Pamela Fitzpatrick looks at some problems experienced by work-seekers and workers with the right-to-reside test.

ESA and students

Issue 206 (October 2008)

Angela Toal describes the main employment and support allowance (ESA) rules for students, pointing out where they are more restrictive than at present.