The bedroom tax limps on

Issue 256 (February 2017)

Carla Clarke reviews the recent Supreme Court decision in Rutherford and others, and where this leaves the bedroom tax and potential challenges.

Latest advising BME communities ebulletin

15 February 2017


Read our latest ebulletin which includes: Guidance for refugees accessing higher education; Autumn statement announcement on past presence test; New EEA regulations; Case law; and more.

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Child Poverty Targets Bill: 2nd reading

3 February 2017

Bill would bring crucial targets to drive action on child poverty

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February 3, 2017

Commenting ahead of the second reading today of Dan Jarvis MP’s Private Member’s Bill - Child Poverty in the UK (Target for Reduction) Bill 2016-17 – which places a duty on the Secretary of State to meet four targets for child poverty by a target date (to be specified), Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group said: 

“Child poverty in the UK is starting to rise for the first time in almost a decade. And IFS projections suggest the rise will be sustained – such that 50% more kids will be under the poverty line by 2020. Yet we’re operating without binding targets to bring child poverty down because the Child Poverty Act was effectively repealed last year. By contrast, Scotland is in the process of introducing its own child poverty legislation including targets for the elimination of child poverty.

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MSPs urged to use Budget Bill to top-up child benefit by £5

February 2, 2017

Children’s Commissioner and faith groups join children’s charities, unions and anti-poverty groups in call for investment in family incomes to help end child poverty.

Leading voices from Scottish civil society[i] came together today to urge MSPs to press the Scottish Government to use the Budget Bill – which will be debated at Holyrood today – to top-up child benefit by £5 a week.

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Briefing for MSPs: A Budget to Tackle Child Poverty

February 2017

This briefing from a coalition of third sector, civil society and faith groups calls on MSPs to ensure the 2017/18 budget includes investment to start topping up child benefit by £5 a week in order to reduce child poverty and tackle food insecurity.

Using the Scottish Government's top-up powers - a detailed briefing

February 2017

This briefing provides a detailed overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Scottish Parliament's new social security top-up powers to increase the rate at which chld benefit and/or child tax credit is paid to households in Scotland.

Take action on the 6 week wait

27 January 2017

Currently families who apply for Universal Credit have to wait six weeks before they receive any help. For some, that's too long to wait. Take action now.

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Early warnings about the lower benefit cap

The reduction of the benefit cap from £23,000 to £20,000 per household is currently being rolled out across Scotland. If someone is entitled to benefits and tax credits in excess of the cap, they will have their housing benefit reduced. As the person who gathers case evidence for CPAG in Scotland’s Early Warning System (which looks at how welfare reforms impact on families) I can tell you about some of the people who are already being affected by the lower cap.