• Guest blogs: child poverty and the independence referendum

    9 September 2014

    CPAG has asked leading members of the Better Together and Yes campaigns to write guest blogs outlining why a Yes or No vote is in the best interest of ending child poverty in Scotland.

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  • The cost of a child in 2014

    12 August 2014

    Today we publish our third annual report ‘The Cost of a Child in 2014’, written by Donald Hirsch from the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University and funded by JRF. It draws on the Minimum Income Standard project (MIS) to establish how much families need to cover their basic needs like food, clothes and shelter, and to participate in society.

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  • NEW Child Support Handbook for 2014/2015

    11 August 2014

    The 22nd edition is OUT NOW

    Our new Child Support Handbook provides clear, practical guidance to the child support scheme as it applies in 2014/15. All new applications to the statutory child support schemes now fall under the new rules so it is crucial for anyone advising parents to ensure they have the latest information.

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  • The confirmed speakers for CPAG Welfare Rights Conference 2014

    31 July 2014

    CPAG's annual welfare rights conference considers the real impact of government policies on families at risk of debt or facing destitution, and examines what central government, local authorities and advisers can do in response.

    The following speakers have been confirmed for our annual conferences in Manchester and London for 2014:

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  • Rights (and wrongs) of sanctions

    24 July 2014

    At Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), we’ve had longstanding concerns about the use of sanctions, which are basically cuts to benefit payments of up to 100% for up to 3 years, and the obvious knock-on impacts on child poverty.  And as the letter in today's Times that we and others have signed shows, we’re not alone in having profound concerns with how sanctions are working.

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  • CPAG’s response to the publication of the independent review of jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) sanctions

    22 July 2014

    Responding to the publication of the independent review of jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) sanctions published today, Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said:

    “We welcome this critical report from the independent reviewer which illustrates how shambolic the current sanctions regime has become.

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  • CPAG's response to DWP evaluation of the Removal of the Spare Room Subsidy (RSRS)

    15 July 2014

    CPAG’s response to the DWP evaluation of the Removal of the Spare Room Subsidy (RSRS) published today. Full report and summary.

    Main findings

    • The data shows a small reduction in households affected by RSRS at 4.6%. 11.1% of all social tenancies were affected by RSRS.
    • 57% of claimants reported cutting back on ‘household essentials’.
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  • Child poverty statistics published today

    1 July 2014

    The official child poverty figures for 2012/13 were published today by the DWP.

    Alison Garnham, Chief Executive, Child Poverty Action Group, said:

    "Today's child poverty statistics highlight the inconvenient truths for the Government that maintaining the value of social security support helps protect families with children from poverty and that work isn't working for far too many families."

    You can read the full CPAG press statement here.

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  • A quick guide to...the new child poverty figures expected on Tuesday

    27 June 2014

    Next week sees the publication of probably the last set of official child poverty figures - for 2012-13 - before the 2015 general election.  Here’s our quick guide to what we should expect and what it all means.

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  • Child Poverty Strategy 2014-17 published

    26 June 2014

    The national child poverty strategy for 2014-17 was published today, following a consultation process earlier in the year. 

    Responding, CPAG's Chief Executive welcomed the Government's commitment to ending child poverty by 2020 but added "today’s strategy isn’t good news for a generation of children that needs the government to invest in their childhoods and life chances. The strategy does not add up to being a plan to end child poverty."

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