• Help us monitor the real impacts of welfare reform in London

    28 May 2013

    CPAG has launched a new online tool for advisers to tell us about the effects of benefit changes in London. We need your help to show the real impact of welfare reform on families.

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  • The benefits versus services debate: our view

    15 May 2013

    Do investments in services such as children’s centres reduce child poverty more effectively than supporting families' incomes? Our Chief Executive Alison Garnham looks at the evidence and challenges those who argue that child benefit should be frozen to pay for childcare. Read her blog in the New Statesman here.

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  • IFS expect major surge in child poverty this decade

    7 May 2013

    A new report from the Institue for Fiscal Studies predicts that relative child poverty will increase by 34% and absolute child poverty will increase by 55% in the decade from 2010-2020. CPAG's Chief Executive said: 'We always put our children’s needs first in family life, and we should do as a nation too. But today’s dire projections reveal we are in danger of failing the next generation.' More in our press release.

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  • Universal credit - will it work?

    7 May 2013

    A new report Will Universal Credit Work?, published by the TUC and CPAG, finds that this new benefit risks failing even on its own terms unless adjustments to its design are made and broader policies to tackle the causes of poverty are put in place. 

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  • Budget leaves poorest families abandoned on the frontline of austerity

    20 March 2013

    The Chancellor described it as a budget for families looking to work hard and aspiring to get on, but CPAG believes most low income families have very few reasons to be cheerful and plenty to be fearful.

    The increase to the personal tax allowance mainly helps higher earners - the lowest paid see it tapered back again at 85p in the pound through Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.

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  • New government announcement on childcare

    19 March 2013

    The government has today announced a new scheme, to start in three years' time, to give tax relief to families for childcare costs.

    However, CPAG is concerned that it would do very little to help the families that need it most, or to reduce child poverty.

    See press release for our full response.

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  • DWP drops Supreme Court appeal over disabled children ‘bedroom tax’

    12 March 2013

    The DWP has dropped its appeal on the 'Gorry' case, for which CPAG provided legal representation, and has today told local authorities to allow an extra bedroom for children who are unable to share because of their severe disabilities. This applies to both housing benefit and to the 'bedroom tax'. 

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  • Fact check: disabled children and the bedroom tax

    8 March 2013

    Mike Spencer, CPAG's Legal Officer, has written a blog for the Nearly Legal site on the bedroom tax.  The post examines David Cameron's claim in Prime Minister's Questions that severely disabled children are "exempt" from the upcoming changes to housing benefit.  In fact, the government is fighting CPAG in the courts to prevent any such exemption.

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  • Work Programme ruling means sanctions can be appealed

    20 February 2013

    The Court of Appeal has declared that the regulations governing many of the Government's Back to Work schemes are unlawful. CPAG has written to the DWP clarifying that claimants who have been unlawfully sanctioned are entitled to appeal on the basis of the Court’s decision.

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  • CPAG blog in the Huffington Post

    18 February 2013

    Child Poverty Action Group's Chief Executive, Alison Garnham, has a blog in the Huffington Post today. She argues the importance of keeping the Child Poverty Act framework to hold the government to account, and the need to retain the cross-party consensus on ending child poverty that was forged when the Act was passed in 2010. 

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